Rental of Mobile Filtration units

Filtration is specialized in the design and production of mobile rental Filtration units.

Filtration has the following mobile filtration units available

  • mobile rental filtration unit, model single bag filter housing for a flow till 40m³/hr.
  • mobile rental filtration unit, model 4-bag filter housing for a flow till 160m³/hr.
  • mobile rental filtration unit, model single highflow cartridge filter for flow till 60m³/hr.
  • mobile rental filtration unit, model 4-highflow cartrdige filter for a flow till 240m³/hr.
  • mobile rental filtration unit, model 6-highflow cartridge filter for a flow till 600m³/hr
  • mobile rental precoat filtration unit, model DrM Fundabac skid 62m² 
  • mobile rental catalyst filtration unit, model DrM Fundabac skid 62m²

Oor Mobile filtration units are fabricated in stainless steel 316Ti (1.4571) or in plastic.

Deisgn pressure is 10bar of 16bar, PED Module A1 or Module G.

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